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UFO lands at Hayling Island Sailing Club

The news channels are reporting that a large fleet of flying saucers landed at a beautiful location on Sandy Point, Hayling Island, the home of the world famous Hayling Island SC.

An eyewitness explained what he saw to the national press, "I was having a quiet drink on the balcony with the Rear and Vice Commodores discussing a proposal to enlarge the fireplace in the main bar when suddenly there was a huge roar of engines, the whole dinghy park filled with smoke and minutes later the place was covered with broken sailing gear, old 1980s windsurfing equipment and loads discarded kayaks, I've never seen anything like it!"

The Vice Commodore Sailing, added "We are going to need to organise a work party to get rid of all the rubbish they left, quite remarkable how this much broken sailing gear could suddenly appear from nowhere". Our roving reporter managed to get lots of photos of the debris the UFOs left behind.

OK. So we probably fooled no one, but hopefully the message is clear. The dinghy park is littered with a lot of broken, discarded and un-loved equipment, and we need your help to clear it up and keep things tidy going forward.

We have set up a holding area for all discarded and broken equipment near the bins adjacent to the flag pole. If you have any broken or discarded equipment near your boat in the dinghy park please place it there, it will be left there for a few weeks for owners to claim, otherwise it will be disposed of or recycled.

Please follow these simple guidelines:
- All broken sailing equipment should be disposed of, and not left lying in the dinghy park
- All Kayaks/Windsurfers/SUPs should either be on designated racks or lockers or tied securely to dinghies and have a boat parking tag (available from the office)
- Any spare sailing items, masts for example, should be clearly labelled and left attached to your boat, not in the dunes/garden areas.
- If you need advice disposing of any equipment, please discuss with the Marine Manager, please don't expect the club to dispose of masts/boats, you need to organise this yourself. 

Please keep our beautiful sailing club tidy, we can all do our bit to help.

Note: The origins of April Fool’s Day are not clear but it is known that the tradition of practical joking and mischief-making dates back to Ancient Roman times.