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Car Parking Guidelines at HISC

The car parking guidelines are simple:

1. Park where instructed to do so by the staff or flag officers.

2. When the car park is not manned, park in a considerate manner, this means:

  • Do not block in other boats or cars, park pointing in the direction of flow of traffic on the causeway.
  • Do not park on the roundabout or park in such a way that delivery trucks will not be able to pass.
  • The car park has barriers and cones for there for a reason so please don’t move these at will.
  • Cars are not permitted beyond the dinghy barrier at the end of the Dunes accommodation without permission.

3. The Club has three disabled badge spaces and three restricted mobility spaces.

  • If you have a blue badge you may park in any of these spaces.
  • If you have a genuine restricted mobility issue please request a specific card from the office and leave this on display if you are parked in these spaces.

4. If you are planning an extended trip on your boat, please leave your car on the causeway.

Furthermore, please help us all by encouraging due consideration from your friends and fellow members.