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The Sparkes and the (Little) Nab

The forecast was so hairy for Saturday, 30-40 kts, that the race Officer quite rightly cancelled the race on Friday evening, to save crews from driving down in vain.

As it happens, it was a dry and sunny day with about 25 kts, unlike Sunday, which was forecast to be be 10-14 kts and dry but turned out to be 20-30 kts and lashing rain!

We chose to sit it out, as did a few others, and some yachts shuffled crew around to accommodate retirees and willing volunteers and five hardy yachts made the start in 25 kts NNW and a downpour.

The course ranged around Hayling Bay for a couple of hours and at the end, on handicap, Nab Cup winners were Panda of Hamble followed by Judgement Day, Exeat and Markova and Sole entrant JOEY, a Sonata, won the Little Nab.

Congratulations to all for taking part, shame about the weather!

That's it for this year, but planning for next year starts now!

If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments on what we do or should be doing, please let me know, otherwise we will keep doing more of the same, probably! If you like the sound of cruiser racing at HISC, don't be afraid, do it!

You won't do worse than me, and will probably do better, those of us who urn out for the evening sundowner series just love a reason to be on the water!

Send me a message and happy to chat.

Roy Pine