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Trailer Storage Update

Please be aware of the recent update of the bye-law below, relating to trailers.

There are no facilities for trailer storage on site, and trailers must be removed from Club premises when not in use. Where this in not possible, trailers must be parked under registered boats in allocated parking berths. These trailers must be clearly marked at the front, in paint or indelible pen, with the owner’s name and class of boat.

The club offers an off-site facility at which members may store trailers on payment of a fee. In accordance with Rules 48 and 49, the club will move improperly parked and unmarked trailers to this facility (removing locks when necessary) and charge their owners a storage and administrative fee.

We would advise that any trailers need to be moved are done so by 18th November, if there are any issues with this please contact the membership secretary