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Changing Rooms are Open . . .

In accordance with the government's guidelines we will be able to open the changing rooms from Saturday 25 July between 9am and 7pm. 

There are a number of guidelines you must adhere to in order to remain COVID safe.

  • No bags can be left in the changing rooms at any time. Once you have changed ready for sailing please return your bag to your car or the boat park. Any unattended bags will be removed
  • Please use the new shower cubicles, close the curtain while you are using the shower and be as quick as possible to prevent queues.
  • Do not use the showers that are not in cubicles
  • Social distancing must be adhered to while in the changing areas.  You may need to wait for an available space during busy times, please be patient
  • Cleaning products will be made available in the changing rooms, please feel free to use these before/after you shower/change
  • Please carry out your own personal risk assessment before using the changing room facilities and do not use them if you feel you are at risk
  • please rinse your wetsuit outside with the hose to reduce the time you spend in the changing room.

If all members can be as quick and efficient as possible while in the changing rooms, we will all have time for a shower.