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HISC Youth Sailing and Racing Update . . .

We are delighted to advise that members sailing RS Fevas, 29ers and any other 2 person boats are now welcome to sail from HISC.

You must first read and understood the updated HISC COVID policy.

29ers are also welcome to join in with the adult racing on the adult course and need to register and enter online using SailEvent.

Members wishing to take part in any of the adult races must register their e-mail address at

Once registered members can then enter the races at and then indicate their intention to race on any particular day when prompted  by email or by going direct to the app. After racing email confirmation of race completion or retirement will also be required.

Youth Racing Optimist, Tera, Feva and Laser 4.7

  1. We will commence next weekend (25/26 July) back to an almost normal format.
  2. Start times will vary each week, and we will sail around high water whenever possible. Start times will be in club newsletters.
  3. Before your child races for the first time, parents must read and sign a disclaimer (we do this at the start of each racing season) . . . Please download the Youth Annual Consent Form and email to Leah
  4. Rescue boats may well be manned by social distanced non-household crews – do not let your child go racing if they or you, are not happy for them to be rescued by these RIBS.
  5. Although our youth racing does have people allocated to it from DutyMan – we will have gaps each week, as some people who are down for a duty may not be able to help, i.e. they may be from high risk groups (such as keyworkers) or they may have health issues meaning they should not be exposed to others.  Therefore, please be quick to step up and fill the gaps.  If there are gaps on the day, it will be written on the Youth Notice Board.
  6. The course and briefing details will be posted on the Youth Notice Board as early as possible. Please encourage your children to read the information and move away, to allow others to read it.  Your Race Officer will be available, nearby 1 hour before the start to answer any questions or if any parent needs to make the Race Officer aware of anything: but there will be no formal briefing to avoid a gathering.
  7. Signing on and off and Beach – We will need a volunteer each day to write down and be in charge of signing on and off – to avoid children gathering around one piece of paper. This person will have a high vis jacket (unless it is really hot!!), sailors must find this person and sign off when they come ashore.  This person will also have a radio and be in charge of beach.
  8. There will be no series over the summer – just glory for a day!

Youth Start Times for the next couple of weeks:
Saturday 25 July . . .  14:00 Start
Sunday 26 July . . . 15:00  start
Sunday 2 August . . . 11:00 start

HISC Race Week w/c 17 to 21 August

This is the member-only replacement for the cancelled CHI Race Week (FED)

This is a high tide week, and it is intended that Oppi, Tera , Feva and Laser 4.7 will race on a youth course on West Mud. 

Basically, the format will be like 5 Sundays in a row! 

Fevas will also be able to sail in the harbour if they choose in the adult Slow handicap class.

29ers will be able to race in the adult Fast Handicap in the harbour.

I strongly recommend this week this year for the youth classes.

Youth Race Week w/c 24 August - Now a Member only event, for all under 18’s.

We have a whole new format for this year’s Youth Race Week. 

Thank you so much for all the offers of household assistance, but we are now able to revert to DutyMan to support the event. We will also need more help, so yes please to all offers.

We can offer racing for Oppis and Teras, Lasrer 4,7’s, Fevas RS200 and 29ers . . . please read latest policy on pairings.

We will have two courses, but there will be no Bronze fleet, red ribbon racing, socials, or large prize-giving this year. 

It is imperative that sailors who take part in this strange years race week are able to right their own boats, and are competent sailors.
Please complete the doodle as a matter of urgency, as we will be limiting entries.