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Easter Race Camp and Youth Training Week 2019

In 2019 the tides had thrown us a curveball for our traditional youth training week, the half term week this year has particularly low tides with no water in the middle of the day. This makes running this already challenging week very difficult.

With this in mind and, the strongest desire to have a successful week which is enjoyable for all children taking part, we have decided to split Youth Training Week into two events as follows.

All participents must:

Be 8 years old or above

Provide their own boat or hire one of the club fleet.

Have fun, but also be well behaved.

Note: Our instructors are trained to teach children to sail, they do not have years of classroom experience on child behaviour.

Easter Race Camp – Monday 15 April to Thursday 18 April.

Courses available:

  1. Optimist start racing
  2. Tera start racing
  3. Feva Start Racing
  4. Optimist intermediate racing
  5. Tera intermediate racing
  6. Feva intermediate racing
  7. 29er Transition 

Youth Training Week – Tuesday 28 May to Friday 31 May.

Courses available:

  1. Optimist beginner - RYA stage one / two
  2. Tera beginner - RYA stage one / two
  3. Optimist improver - RYA stage three
  4. Tera improver - RYA stage three
  5. Feva beginner – RYA stage four and sailing with spinnakers

We understand that this may bring issues regarding siblings at different levels, however we do not feel that the club can run a safe, and good value for money event with all levels taking part in the may half term, with the tides as they stand in 2019.

In addition, it opens us up to a new level of race coaching that as a club we have not offered for a number of years, and the introduction of the 29er transition group.


Easter Race Camp: Easter Race Camp Sign Up Doodle

Youth Training Week: Youth Training Week Sign Up Doodle

Note on completing the doodle:

  • You are very welcome to leave a comment in the comments section on the Doodle – and this is the correct place to let us know anything – HOWEVER, please include your child full name with your comment, as your details are not automatically carried through.
  • You can edit your name out and amend to your child’s name.
  • Remember to press save at the end.
  • You can add multiple children if needed, just press save between each child.
  • Doodle is best used on a PC, but works on a phone. Here is a video if you get stuck!

As always, the doodle will help us arrange group as per demand and book for best coaches available for the groups required.

Leah will be in touch when we are able to firm things up.


Please contact the Feva Class Captain ([email protected]) or 29er class captain ([email protected]) for assistance with pairings if required for these events, as you must book as a pair not as an individual. 

If you are interested in instructing at this event please contact the Marine Manager Simon [email protected].

Sarah Mitchell