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Steak Night & Live Singer

Saturday 13th April 2024

Join us for a delicious steak and listen to live music from Adam Ede!

This is not a ticketed event so you can just turn up on the night.

Wed17 AprHISC Beginners
Wed17 AprHISC Improvers
Wed17 Apr19:00Wed Evening Early Series #2
Thu18 Apr18:30Elite Sundowner - Early Series #2
Fri19 Apr11:30Social Sailing SGM - followed by lunch
Fri19 Apr13:30Social Sailing Talk with John Beck - Battle Of Britain
Sat20 AprRYA Start Sailing - Level 1
Sat20 AprShe Flies Day 1
Sat20 Apr12:00Saturday Handicap Series #3
Sun21 AprRYA Start Sailing - Level 1
Sun21 AprShe Flies Day 2
Sun21 Apr11:00 Youth Energiser Series #3
Sun21 Apr11:00April Sunday Series #3
Wed24 AprHISC Beginners
Wed24 AprHISC Improvers
Wed24 Apr19:00Wed Evening Early Series #3
Thu25 Apr18:30Elite Sundowner - Early Series #3
Sat27 AprHISTT Charity Event
Sat27 AprRYA Safety Boat
Sat27 AprRYA Stage 2
Sat27 Apr11:00RS Elite Sprint Championship Day 1
Sat27 Apr14:00Saturday Handicap Series #4
Sun28 AprRYA Safety Boat
Sun28 AprRYA Stage 2

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