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Good luck to HISC sailor Charlie Gran and his helm Finn Morris who are representing GBR at the 2024 Youth Sailing World Championships in Riva Del Garda, Italy. They will be racing from Monday 15th - Friday 19th July 


Sat20 Jul9:30Saturday Windsurfing
Sat20 Jul10:30Seals #3
Sat20 Jul11:0029er/RS800/RS700 Sprints
Sat20 Jul11:00Aero Sprints #4
Sat20 Jul11:00Solo Sprints
Sat20 Jul12:00Saturday Handicap #11
Sat20 Jul13:30Saturday Sailing (Afternoon)
Sat20 Jul14:00Windsurf/Wingfoil Supported Session #13
Sun21 JulRYA First Aid
Sun21 JulRYA Powerboat Level 2
Sun21 JulRYA Stage 1 Windsurfing
Sun21 JulRYA Start Sailing - Level 1
Sun21 Jul11:00MRSC REGATTA
Sun21 Jul11:00Youth Sizzler #6
Wed24 JulHISC Improvers
Wed24 JulRYA Powerboat Level 2
Wed24 JulRYA Start Racing (Youth)
Wed24 JulSailing Taster Session
Wed24 Jul19:00Wed Evening Late Series #6
Thu25 JulRYA Powerboat Level 2
Thu25 JulRYA Stage 1
Thu25 JulRYA Start Racing (Youth)
Thu25 JulRYA Start Windsurfing
Thu25 Jul19:00Elite Sundowner Late Series #6
Fri26 JulRYA Stage 1
Fri26 JulRYA Start Windsurfing
Sat27 JulRYA Powerboat Level 2
Sat27 JulRYA Stage 3
Sat27 JulSolo Southern Area Champs & Tyler Trophy OM
Sat27 JulSummer Ball
Sat27 Jul9:30Saturday Windsurfing
Sat27 Jul13:30Saturday Sailing (Afternoon)
Sat27 Jul14:00Elite Sprints #5
Sat27 Jul14:00Rs200 Informal Sprints
Sat27 Jul14:00Saturday Handicap #12
Sat27 Jul14:00Windsurf/Wingfoil Supported Session #14
Sun28 JulRYA Powerboat Level 2
Sun28 JulRYA Stage 3
Sun28 JulSolo Southern Area Champs & Tyler Trophy OM

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