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HISC Newsgroup . . . what it's about, how to join, Dos and Don’ts


HISC has an email based newsgroup to which club members and any others with an interest in the club may subscribe. Postings are to be factual and relate to sailing in some sense. This is not a discussion/debating forum. The newsgroup is to:

  • Provide awareness of upcoming sailing and social events at HISC
  • Inform of events that have happened at HISC
  • Inform about HISC members in the news.

The above are extended to include events around Chichester Harbour likely to be relevant to HISC sailing activities.

HISC members are under no obligation to join but may miss out on items of news and information. For its success, the group relies entirely on you, HISC members, to post information of interest. The service is run by members for the whole club, so whether you are a cruising, racing or non-sailing member, please contribute. Close in 600 email addresses were subscribed at the time of writing (Oct 2011).

How the Newsgroup Operates

The service is hosted on Yahoo Groups. Experience with the Yahoo service is that it is robust, security/privacy appears good, does not intrude unduly with advertising and is, of course, free.

The Newsgroup is Moderated i.e. all postings and new subscribers have to be approved by a Moderator. Moderators are club members.

The Newsgroup‟s website (Yahoo), containing all previous postings, has been configured to be visible to e mail addresses subscribed to the Newsgroup but not visible to "public". That does not form a guarantee that persons may not find a way to reading it.

Joining, Leaving, Posting a message, The most frequent problem

1) To join (subscribe), send any e-mail from your preferred account to:
[email protected]  - note that HISC, General and News are separated by an underscore ( _ ).

a) When you join (subscribe), you will receive an automated acknowledgement from Yahoo to which you must "Reply" (Just press "reply" – no text needed), subsequently you will receive a second automated acknowledgement when a Moderator approves you joining.

b) Yahoo offers you (at Option 1) a complicated, web-based option for the automated acknowledge; ignore it and just 'Reply' (at Option 2).

2) To leave (unsubscribe) send any e mail to:
[email protected] 

3) To Post. Once you have joined, you can post messages by e-mailing the exact message (inc. Heading) you want to publish to:  [email protected]  

Your message will appear as an e mail from you (revealing your e mail address) to all subscribers. It will appear just as you wrote it albeit with the Newsgroup‟s footer.
4) The most common problem - If the Newsgroup cannot deliver email to an email address, it will tag that address as 'bouncing' and send a re-activation request. By far the most common cause is that the email address no longer exists, so a moderator will delete the email address from the Newsgroup.

However, if its just your ISP playing up YOU must REPLY to the re-activation request or you will remain off the newsgroup. You can always subscribe again of course.

5) These instructions are summarised at the bottom of every Newsgroup posting sent out.

Dos, Don’t, FAQs

1) The Newsgroup only "knows" about email addresses, not real warm-blooded human beings. So if you change email address, you will need to unsubscribe the old one and subscribe the new one.

2) Moderators can only Approve or Reject. A moderator may, when Rejecting, request you to fix problems with a posting. A Moderator will NEVER modify your text – it remains strictly your property and responsibility.

3) When you submit a posting to the newsgroup, you are not sending that e mail to a Moderator, on the contrary, you are submitting to a system. Hence you must only post the message exactly as you want everyone to read it – including the title of the message; none of that message will ever be modified. If you have doubts about the wording, then get someone else to look it over.

4) The Newsgroup does not support attachments of any sort. This is to reduce the chance of spreading viruses. If you wish to refer to an attachment e.g. photo, then you will need to arrange for that to be hosted on a website and include a link in your message.

5) Avoid submitting a posting on behalf of someone else; that person should post it themselves. The person submitting a posting must remain wholly responsible for the message.

6) If you Reply to a Newsgroup posting, that Reply should only be sent to the author of the posting. Please check the e mail address on your Reply as a minority of e mail browsers appear to route such a Reply as a Newsgroup posting; such Replies will be Rejected by a Moderator.

7) Postings should be small – as a guide, significantly less than a page. If you have more to say, then you may need to make arrangements to link to a web-based publication.

8) Make sure that 

a) You have allowed your computer to spell / grammar-check the message (including the title) before submitting it.
b) The title describes the content of the message
c) The wording is fit to be read by nearly 600 email address

9) A posting containing personal information about an individual will only be Approved by a Moderator if the posting clearly comes from that individual or another clearly identifiable as a partner or very close relative.

10) Please avoid Forwarding an email that you have received. Often this is an indication of malware/virus, but not always. Also it will reveal other persons email addresses and often a whole train of less-than-relevant material. Hence always take the trouble to strip out the relevant material you wish to publish on the newsgroup and make it your own – you become responsible for it when posting it. In general, Moderators will Reject a posting that contains a Forwarded message.

11) If you must make a posting Re: a previous posting, then ensure it is truly relevant to that previous posting by enhancing the information in it.

12) Corrections to a previous posting. If you wish to post a correction / amendment / change / addition to a previous posting, please give it the title “correction etc etc to the previous title – not just Re:………. In these circumstances it may be appropriate to repeat the original posting. Such a procedures makes your intentions clear not only to a Moderator, but far more importantly, to the readers.

If a Moderator is presented with a second version of a previous posting that appears to be the same without saying “correction etc etc to:..…”, it is a fair bet that he/she will Reject it presuming it to be a mistaken re-posting.

13) If a Moderator suspects your computer may be infected by malware / virus, it is likely that your will receive an email from a Moderator informing you of this, and informing you that you will be unable to submit a posting until the problem is cleared.

Please be aware, that if a posting submitted does not conform reasonably well with these criteria, then a Moderator will probably reject it, and if he/she has the time, may write to you explaining what you need to do to fix it prior to resubmitting.