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Tera & Oppi Red Ribbon Training Club 2020

This group is organised with the guidance and support of Melvyn Cooper Sailing and was developed to build children's confidence and to make a smooth transition from the lagoon to sailing confidently on West Mud.

Red Ribbon Training Club has been running for the last 3 years, being hugely successful with children taking part in a four day course, spread across the best tides of the early season.

All children involved gained confidence, formed friendships and learnt fundamental skills that helped them progress to the next stage of their sailing career.

It is available for both Opi and Tera sailors, please note all participants will either need their own boat or hire one through the sailing club.

Click Here for more details and to register your interest please sign up on the doodle poll . . .

The Doodle Poll will close on Sunday 16 February, you must sign up before then or you will not be able to join the course.