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Changing Rooms - Use and Timings

It is unfortunate that we are already seeing misuse of the Men's Changing rooms this year.

We are still under Covid rules, and even if we weren’t, it is not appropriate to play football, eat lunch or wash your wetsuit in the showers or changing room. You need to be in and out with as much haste as possible.

Government advice is to actively discourage you from using them as they are a high risk area for the transmission of Covid.

We therefore recommend you shower and change at home, where possible. 

If you do decide to use them, be as quick as you can and limit the number in the changing room to six at a time (under 16's to be supervised from a location nearby).

NOTE: The outside showers now run with warm water and this provides an alternative solution with less risk attached.

Please DO NOT leave any of your kit in the changing rooms.

Changing Room Opening / Closing Times:

Monday 0900 - 1700 hrs
Tuesday 0900 - 1700 hrs
Wednesday 0900 - 2100 hrs
Thursday 0900 - 2100 hrs
Friday 0900 - 2100 hrs
Saturday 0900 - 2100 hrs
Sunday 0900 - 2000 hrs