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House Update - Reopening

We are very pleased to see the government guidance for coming out of lockdown and feel its deliberate caution gives us a safe route map to work on over the next four months. 

Here are some key dates in the House Committee calendar for you to look forward to:

  • 29th March - The clubhouse toilets will open from 29th March to accommodate our members coming to sail and use the beach (within travel restrictions and group sizes - rule of 6/two households).  The Sailing Committee has a full programme scheduled for the Easter weekend.  Unfortunately this does not include opening any catering outlets or changing rooms, so please come prepared. 
  • 12th April - Food and drinks to be served outside from 12th April - with the rule of six/two households together this will be via table service and ordering/payment via our new app (more details to follow on how to download and register for the app).  Accommodation (where it's self contained & single household only) can also open.
  • 17th May - The indoor facilities for food and drink will commence from 17th May -  with the rule of six/two households together and via table service and use of the app. We await more detail from the government to ascertain the date to open changing rooms  (at time of writing there were no clear guidelines).
  • 21st June - All facilities should be available by 21st June - we anticipate social distancing and group sizes may limit some of our usual social events like indoor music/disco's but where possible we will provide catering and social events outdoors to comply with guidelines and keep our members as safe.

Please note these dates are all dependent on the success and safe completion of the steps in the route map, we remain hopeful they will progress as planned. We will, however, remain flexible and react to the government's guidance as it arises.

To see the latest information on Opening Times . . . Go to the General Information page

RYA Covid 19 Roadmap - Return to Boating