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Open Meetings Postponed to 17 May

While a full programme of Club Racing will begin at Easter, after thoughtful consideration, we at HISC have taken the difficult decision to postpone any Open events until after the easing of restrictions on the 17 May.

Whilst we understand this will come as a disappointment to those who are eager for racing to be completely back to normal, we believe this is a necessary step to rebuild our sailing season in a considerate and conservative way.

Whilst ‘Sailing events’ may be permitted from 12 April there are still requirements to minimise travel and strict gathering restrictions to consider.

This decision also reflects our ongoing priority, which is ensuring that our members can feel safe coming to HISC and resuming life at the club in an enjoyable environment. We will continue building towards hosting our programme of open events based on the promise of further relaxation of national restrictions from 17 May.

We will try to reschedule the events that are postponed with the classes involved and will keep you posted on this.

We wish everyone a great and safe start to the 2021 sailing season and, look forward to seeing you on the water soon.

RYA Covid 19 Roadmap - Return to Boating