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2021 Relaunch Schedule

Based on RYA advice our understanding is boat owners can visit their boats for maintenance from the 29 March.

This will have an impact on the relaunch of the yachts and, we will update all cruiser owners soon with planned launch dates.

Meanwhile the following general guidelines have been agreed:

  • Launching will be performed during a tight window. It is weather dependent but we plan to launch the fleet within a two-week window.
  • HISC will allow sufficient time for essential boat maintenance. 
  • It is unlikely we will launch during the period of the school Easter holidays which run from April 02 to 16 April
  • The actual launch schedule will be announced as soon as we have had a chance to review all the guidelines, which are still being released.

What if I am ready and want to launch from 22 March?

  • HISC is committed to getting the sailing season started as soon as possible for those who want to get on the water.
  • If you want to be launched on in the planned period from 22 March, please contact Henry Message at [email protected] with a request a launch.
  • We cannot guarantee we will be able to launch your boat however, If there enough boats which are accessible and ready to launch we may schedule an early launch window.

It is permitted for paid contractors to work on laid up boats. If you would like to use such contractors, then please inform the Marine Manager, Henry Message, ([email protected]).

If you need help getting your boat read please contact Henry who can help with putting by in contact with local contractors.All yachts must be ready for launch by the first day of any announced launch window.

For HISC mooring holders not laid up at HISC:

  • The annual maintenance has been completed and moorings are available, as per the mooring agreement, from 1st March 2021. By arrangement, HISC will allow boats to be put on the moorings during March, if necessary.

Contact the Marine Manager a few days prior to putting your boat on your mooring. The marine department can help with attaching any strop that you may have and can ferry you ashore.