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Bikes and Trailers at HISC

Following a busy summer a large amount of effort has gone into tidying up the HISC site in preparation for next season.

However, this tidy up has highlighted a large amount of bikes and trailers abandoned at HISC – some of which have been here for a very long time!

Where it has been possible to identify and contact the owners directly we have done so. Unfortunately, a large number of these items are unidentifiable.

If you own or can identify any of the items in the pictures - See HISC Email - please ensure it is removed from HISC by 01/01/2022. Any of the below bikes/ trailers still here in 2022 will be disposed as soon as the club reopens after the Christmas break.

Any Bikes left around the Sailing Club have been removed to the marine shed yard – please speak to the marine team if you want to collect them.

All trailers left at HISC are currently in the sinbin area if you need somewhere to store your trailers we can recommend contacting Sailboat Deliveries Limited.