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1000 Borrow Bags by Christmas - We exceeded our target

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped with this project.

We are delighted we have now exceeded our target of making 1000 Borrow Bags by Christmas, helped enormously by the WI, MRSC, local sewing groups and other individuals on Hayling.

The Final Straw Foundation have a number of shops on Hayling who want to use the bags and now the target has been reached the bags can be distributed.

However, it does not stop there as the shops will need to be supplied from time to time with more bags so if you want to keep making bags, we can supply the labels.

By making the bags out of unwanted fabric we have saved huge amounts of fabric going into landfill and some of those old curtains and duvet covers will now have a second life.

So thank you to everyone who took part for your sewing, cutting and ironing skills and your fabric.

Carol Carter