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Commodore’s Trophy Saturday 19 August

The Commodores Trophy is due to be held 19 August 2023. This is a fantastic, fun day of short sharp racing in the clubs RS Ventures.

With your team of 3 (a minimum figure; it can be more) you will battle it out with a sprint style race held close to the clubhouse, so that the balcony can cheer you on as you duke it out against the other 5 boats on the start line.

 With no spinnakers being used, that keeps it close and easier to sail the boats. After a quick 15-20 minute race, you swap out of the boats and hop ashore to discuss where it went right... or wrong, with your friends and laugh about the strange situations you found yourselves in, getting excited to do it again.

The Ladies' and Parent & Child Trophies will also be run within the event.

Although the sailing is brilliant, often the highlight is the fancy dress - some particular highlights being the Glitter Girls, Ladies of Abba, the Presidents and the Power Rangers.

Get your fancy dress planned as there is also a prize for best fancy dress. 

We look forward to seeing you on the day but, in the meantime, get your entry in to Theo now