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Wildlife Photography Competition

Closing date 30th June.

As part of our Wildlife Environment Awareness Week we will be running a photography competition for HISC members, the theme is to capture a stunning/captivating/provocative picture of our local wildlife.

The competition runs from now to the end of June and encompasses three age groups: under 12's, 12 to 17, and adult (18 and over).

We ask that you are happy to share your image for the club to display if you win your category and that you don't disturb any wildlife in the process of taking the pictures. 

The winners from each category will then be put forward to a harbour wide competition which will be judged by Chichester Harbour Conservancy.  

Please send complete your entry form using the link below and then send your competition entry to our Marketing Coordinator, Mae (under 18's require consent). 

We look forward to seeing your beautiful images!

Photography Competition Rules
Entry Form