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Maintenance work taking place at HISC

We have plans for the renewal of the Hot Water System after it started to fail quite quickly during the summer. The good news is that the replacement of the system begins on the 6th February, and is expected to take two weeks.

During this period there will be no central heating in the main club house, but through close planning with our contractor, Hopkins, a hot water supply will be maintained during the transition to the new system. We have taken the opportunity to integrate the hot water and heating systems to provide energy and operating efficiencies, and are also upgrading the Building Management System, which will enable us to exercise much more effective control over these services.

We have also scheduled some safety critical fire door work to take place from 31st January, to concentrate the disturbance into as short a period as possible so that we can be back to normal well ahead of the season starting to ramp up.

The club will be open during this period, but please do bear with us while some large equipment is moved into and out of the club house via the main entrance.