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HISC Fireball sailing

Fireball has a long association with HISC. The club was one of the first to accord the class 'fleet' status and cemented its place in Fireball history through hosting the first-ever recorded Fireball race when four boats competed in the club's 1962 regatta. It also hosted the first two UK national championships and the inaugural world championship.

Class Captain: Chris Turner (FB 15161) -

Since those heady days, Fireballs have been pretty much a fixture at the club and today’s fleet is one of the largest, and most active, in the UK.

Despite competition from asymmetric classes, the Fireball has held its own attracting a wide range of sailors - men and women, young and old(er!). Its attraction lies in flexibility in choice and setting of rigs and sails that ensures a level playing field and, of course, sparkling performance.

It is one of the few classes that will still be on the water, providing a great spectacle, when winds have increased and others have retreated to the bar! There’s nothing quite like a Fireball screaming across Chichester Harbour in a strong breeze!

If you are interested in joining the fleet, either as a boat owner or as a crew looking to ‘hook up’ occasionally, please get in touch. The fleet has its own Facebook Page ‘Hayling Island Fireballs’.