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RS Aero at HISC

The Aero has taken off around the world since its launch in 2016 and has now established itself at HISC.

Class Captain duties are shared between Linda Stokes and Spike Daniels. If you have any questions at all, please email:

The success of the class worldwide is being reflected at HISC and in 2021 we built on the growth we had seen in 2020, fuelled by an extensive race training programme that was so popular that we were able to offer different programmes for different levels of experience. Many of those that took part were aiming for the National Championships that were hosted at HISC in August and we broke the record for the number of local boats competing. Chichester Harbour Race week was also a huge success with enough competitors to justify separate starts for the 5 and 7 rigs. Members will travel to 2022 National and European Championships too, being held in Paignton and Weymouth.

The most popular form of club racing has been the Sprint format, but turnouts for all events have been strong, from the long-distance races that venture to the furthest reaches of the harbour, to the Wednesday evening and weekend racing series. Depending on the day’s conditions, women and youths might swap between the 5 & 7 rigs, while most of the men use the 7, with the 9 making occasional appearances

Women On Water has also continued to grow, with big turnouts of Aeros and providing many of the competitors in the events mentioned above, though every level of ambition is catered for, including purely social sailing. The first session of 2022 will be on Thursday 28th April.

HISC´s 2022 season officially starts on Sunday March 20th, but warm-up events have already been held in January and are planned for February and March. The first Pennant weekend is 16/17 April and the first Sprints on the 30th; both running run monthly until October.

But it’s not all about racing; there often Aeros out cruising or going for a blast. Because the boat is so light and easily driven, it’s just plain fun to go sailing, both for novices and the hardest-bitten racing veterans."