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RS700 at HISC

A key highlight for the HISC RS700 calendar in 2021 is the Whitsun Regatta which will also be an RS700 Open meeting as part of the seven events forming the 2021 Rooster National Tour.

As HISC is the largest RS700 fleet in the country, we are hopping to attract a similar size of fleet to that seen at the UK Nationals. 

Class Captain: Roland Smith -

On the training front, Theo Galyer (current UK national champion, for the second year running) continues to offer his assistance to the fleet for 1 to 1 private 2 boat coaching. A number of members of the fleet have found this to be invaluable both for boat setup, boat handling techniques and maximising performance.

Being a fast single-hander, it is impossible to get within 2 meters of another sailor on the water. In the expectation that lockdown will ease in stages and private social sailing may resume ahead of club racing the fleet will take the opportunity to do some private fleet sprint racing. This is done by picking a windward and leeward mark, using a gate start, 1 or 2 laps and hooking the leeward mark to finish.

Up to 6 races are run on the day with one sailor capturing positions on a mobile phone allowing a series positions to be published at the end of the session. This proved very popular in 2020 particularly for blowing away winter cobwebs in technique and therefore will be repeated in 2021 as circumstances allow.

In light of the feedback from the fleet regarding the enjoyment from the close racing offered by sprint racing, the fleet will be taking part in the club Sprint Series through 2021 and will be hoping that there can be a return to Pennant sailing in the bay.