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Tasar at HISC

The Tasar is a 4.5m high performance sailing dinghy, designed to be sailed and raced by a man and a woman or parent and child.

The Tasar is super-responsive to sail and light on a trolley – useful on the HISC sandy beach. Optimum crew weights of around 140kg work well and there is a minimum crew weight of 130kg for serious racing events.

This stops superlightweights racing away in marginal planing conditions. With its deep cockpit and wide, angled side decks, the Tasar has a comfortable and effective hiking position.

If anyone is interested in trying a Tasar, there are two old but good boats available to borrow. HISC are hosting the Taser Nationals in 2018 and the Taser Worlds in 2019.

The HISC fleet class captain is Rod Porteous (current National Champion). He is a Tasar expert and knows a lot about the history of Tasars and the various builders.