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Selden Fireball 60 Anniversary OM

Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 July 2022

Latest Event News

Following your feedback we’ve had about the event format and looking at the age of boats coming to it (there are no really old boats) and have decided to revamp the programme for the weekend.  

Changes are as follows:

  • The event will be shortened to the weekend only (2-3 July) making it more accessible to people who couldn’t take time off work on the Friday;
  • There will be more of a focus on racing as the majority of boats are relatively new (currently no entries meet the 'classic' criteria). We’ll have the option of raced being held either in Hayling Bay or in the harbour, depending on the forecast. Note, the tides are such that there will be plenty of water for this, so don’t be put off by previous experiences.
  • We have past Fireball sailor, Mark Darling as our Race Officer, so you can look forward to great courses and racing!
  • We’ll no longer be having the Commodore’s reception on the Friday night.
  • We’re still aiming to do fun prizes, so if your boat is older or you don’t classify yourself as a top-notch racer, don’t be put off – inclusivity is high up on the priority list for this weekend!
  • The price will be reduced to £99 per boat WHICH INCLUDES TWO DINNERS ON SATURDAY NIGHT AT £20 EACH!!.
  • Those people who have already entered at the 3-day rate will be able to get a refund.

We apologise to those people who have entered early for any inconvenience this causes. We hope these changes will open up the event to more people and help our celebrations go splendidly!

Those who just want to come and meet up with old friends and watch the racing are very welcome to join us for the evening’s Celebration dinner – tickets may be purchased  for £20 each (preferably in advance) from the HISC office.

To enter please call the HISC office 02392 463768

Official Notice Board
Event Documents

Notice to Competitors

Fireball Course - Saturday 2 July


Notice of Race (v2.2)

Fireball entry - to enter please call the HISC office 02392 463768

Sailing Instructions

Entrants List - Available here

Event Programme

Saturday 2 July

  • Registration 09.00 - 11.00
  • Racing in Hayling Bay (fallback in the harbour if too windy)
  • Anniversary dinner in the evening

Sunday 3 July

  • Racing in Hayling Bay (fallback in the harbour if too windy)
  • Prizegiving

 Note, two tickets for the Anniversary dinner are included in the entry fee of £99.

Additional tickets for the dinner may be purchased for £20 each from the HISC office.