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Social Sailing

A group of HISC members gather under the banner of HISC Social Sailing on prearranged dates and sail off to various destinations, dine out, have over-night stops sometimes and then return.

Any member of HISC can join. This Cruising Fleet welcomes those lucky HISC members who are able to sail during mid-week. At this time, the waters and Marinas are not so congested or busy and usually everything is much more peaceful and relaxed.

Click Here for information on the HISC Social Sailing group and the latest Programme of activities.

At the beginning and end of the season, short day-trips are made around Chichester Harbour, supporting the local sailing clubs.

During the summer, longer sails are enjoyed as far afield as Poole Harbour. Visits to other, prestigious Sailing Clubs are arranged and many an interesting Pub walk/beach BBQ is planned.

Any regulations, relevant at the time, regarding Covid-19, with reference to inviting guests or sailing and visiting other venues, should be considered and abided by.

Keep COVID safe at HISC . . . latest COVID Guideline policy here . . .