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HISC Thursday Club

HISC Thursday Club is a Community Club operating on a Thursday afternoon / early evening from May until September.

It is mainly open once a fortnight when the tides are suitable, between 4pm and 7pm for youngsters aged 8–18.

There are two sessions, the first runs from 4.15pm and is very much aimed at beginners to give them a taster of sailing/paddle boarding and rowing.

The second session begins at 5.30pm and is for youngsters who are more experienced on the water.

Parents or Guardians are required to remain for the session that their child / children are attending.

The dates for the 2023 season are:
May - 11th & 25th
June -  8th & 22nd
July -  6th & 20th
September - 7th & 14th with a Prizegiving tea on September 21st.

Whilst there is no specific charge a weekly voluntary donation of £3 per session is appreciated.

Each parent or guardian must complete a registration form which includes any relevant medical information for each youngster.

Safety and fun are our priorities.

The instructors at HISC Thursday Club are all RYA qualified and all activities are conducted with safety as the priority. We operate our training programme through the control of an appointed Training Officer, and all training takes place under strict guidelines.

There is always a Senior Instructor at each session - they will timetable the training and organise the groups and all the resources required. They will also normally give a briefing to all sailors and introduce the instructors for the session.

There is also always a Beach Master and safety boat cover for all sessions.

Below are the details of the training stages provided dependant on ability.

All youngsters must be booked in, preferably online in advance of the session, to ensure adequate resources are available. For each session the youngsters are split into their appropriate groups. At each stage, the training is signed off having been completed satisfactorily before moving on to the next.

Introduction to Water:
For Absolute Beginners with the aim that they will become comfortable both on and in the water in a buoyancy aid

Stage 1
A familiarisation with a single-handed boat to gain knowledge of basic controls and sailing in a double handed boat

Stage 2
To sail a boat in any direction
Single handed with confidence and competence
Double handed familiarisation

Stage 3
To be competent in single and double handed boat
Show ability to work as a team in a double handed boat

Stage 4
To demonstrate seamanship and racing skills and complete RYA advanced modules

Stage 5
To achieve Assistant Dinghy Instructor qualification
Training Cards

Full details of the programme for each Stage are available at this link

Contact Details:

How to Help

The Thursday Club, whilst past of HISC, is self-funding and as such is reliant on the hard work and dedication of some of its volunteers in seeking out grants and other sources of revenue to buy equipment etc. There are two revenue streams that members may, if they so wish, help, towards this.

One is the Co-op Youth Community Fund and the other is the Havant Lottery. Details of both are below. If you feel you can help then the Thursday Club will be very grateful.

Co-op Youth Community Fund:

The Thursday Club, (Hayling Island Sailing Club Youth Community Sailing Scheme) is part of the @Coopuk Local Community Fund. Choose us by clicking here and you can help us make a positive impact in our community every time you swipe your #membership card. #CoopLCF #ItsWhatWeDo

Havant Lottery:

The Thursday Club Community Youth Sailing Scheme, is a volunteer run organisation offering the opportunity to youngsters aged 8-18, with little or no access to the water, the chance to learn to sail or paddleboard, on a Thursday evening in the summer. This in turn develops their confidence and self-esteem. To play go to where you will find full details.

We need your help to continue this fantastic scheme.  

Thank you for your support and good luck!