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RS Feva at HISC

RS Feva at HISC

Class Captain: Annie Lewis

Please email the Class Captain if you would like to be added to the HISC Feva Class WhatsApp Group.

The RS Feva continues to be a hugely successful, international, two person racing dinghy used by juniors, youth and adults at HISC and across the world! The Feva suits sailors of all abilities under main alone, main and jib or with a powerful asymmetric spinnaker for racing.

At HISC we have many Fevas owned by club members and a number available for hire from the Club so that anyone can take one sailing. The boat can be sailed using the smaller Feva S rig or larger Feva XL rig depending on crew size and experience. There is a healthy market for second hand boats with boats changing hands each season at HISC as sailors grow and transition to other classes.

2022 was a brilliant year at HISC for training and racing, with partnerships racing on the National and International circuit. The National Championships took place in Weymouth in late May with 11 HISC boats taking part. In July the RS Games incorporated the RS Feva World Championships, again at Weymouth. This was a fantastic week on and off the water with 14 HISC boats taking part, 6 of whom qualified for the top, Gold Fleet. In addition, several HISC boats experienced racing abroad when they made the trip to Hungary for the European Championships in August 2023.

Youth Race Week at HISC in August 2022 saw a competitive fleet 38 Fevas enjoying the champagne sailing conditions. Many sailors went onto qualify for the RYA Regional Training Group (RTG) for which training took place over the Winter and Spring of 2022/23.

HISC Feva sailors have many training opportunities that they can sign up for. Youth Saturday Sailing takes place on Saturday mornings and afternoons where new Feva sailors can receive friendly coaching from an instructor. Youth Training Week in June half term has courses for new Feva sailors. Look out for Stage 4 and Sailing with Spinnakers courses and other coaching specific to Fevas which will be arranged throughout the year. Winter training is also scheduled to take place in the winter of 2023/24.

HISC training is led by professional coaches, often aided by successful older Feva sailors or ex-Feva sailors: a powerful combination which young sailors will love.

Feva sailors at HISC in 2023 can look forward to regular Sunday racing, monthly Pennant Weekends and Sprint Racing on occasional Saturdays. August at HISC will have the old favourites, Youth Race Week (the highlight of the summer for many), Chichester Harbour Race Week and Family Fun Week. Adults are welcome to take part in weekend youth racing when paired with a junior or youth sailor in a Feva.

If you or your family will be sailing a Feva at HISC this season, join the WhatsApp Group for remainders about upcoming racing and training and friendly advice. Its also a great place to leave a message if you are looking for a sailing partner. Send an email to the Class Captain if you would like to join the group.