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Flying 15 Southerns and Bulwark Tr. Entries

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May 2023


GBR 3884 Mark Nicholson  HISC
GBR 4080 Simon Patterson Draycote Water SC
GBR 4011 Jeremy Valentine Dachet Water SC
GBR 4060 Andrew Jameson WYC/HISC
 GBR  4107  Mark  Wood  HISC/WYC
GBR 3912 Charlie Mckee HISC
GBR 4030 Alastair Stevenson RYA
GBR 4112 Greg Wells HISC
GBR 4017 Dave Lucas GWSC
GBR 4002 Richard Lovering HISC / WYC
GBR 4041 Simon Cooper Bewl SA
GBR 3918 Paul Busby Northampton/Hisc
GBR 3914 adrian tattersall Parkstone/Fishguard
GBR 4033 justin waples RCYC
GBR 4061 Chris Waples HISC
GBR 3957 charles apthorp HISC
GBR 3939 Athol King HISC
GBR 4005 Andy McKee Dovestone SC
GBR 4055 Ian pinnell HISC
GBR 3760 Jeremy Davy Draycote Water SC
GBR 3903 Adrian Simpson HISC
GBR 3793 Peter Allam Parkstone YC
GBR 3971 Bill Chard Chew Valley SC