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RYA Stage 3

Course Overview

In stage 3 you will continue to develop rigging and sailing techniques, capsize recovery and sailing theory, as well as launching and recovery skills. On completion of the course, you will be able to launch and sail round a triangle in moderate conditions.


Click here for 2024 training price list  (Two day RYA Sailing Course)


13th-14th April

15th-16th June

27th-28th July

22nd-23rd August

Pre Requirements

Candidates for this course should be able to tack from close reach to close reach and have knowledge of the 5 essentials.


Each day will start at 9am and finish at 4pm. This is a 2 day course.

What’s included

You will be able to use one of our club boats, normally a tera or optimist.

What to bring

Make sure you have the appropriate clothing for the weather. A wetsuit is encouraged, footwear you’re happy to get wet, layers if it’s cold, sun cream and a hat if it’s not and a buoyancy aid. Alternatively, the buoyancy aid can be rented from the club for a small fee.


During the summer, the snack bar will be open to purchase snacks, drinks, and lunch. The restaurant will also be open for dinner in the evenings.


Our Dunes and Stocker accommodation blocks offer a range of different rooms. From our admiral’s cabin through to the cadets’, there will be something suitable for everyone.


We have a large carpark onsite and down our causeway. However, if you are in a motorhome you will have to find alternative parking for overnight stays.