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Red Ribbon Training and Red Ribbon Regatta


Optimist and RS Tera Red Ribbon Training 2024

This fun four-day training course, organised under the supervision of Melvyn Cooper Sailing, has been developed to build children's sailing confidence when making the transition from RYA Stage 2 to take part in Youth Racing.

Red Ribbon Training is aimed at sailors who gained RYA Stage 2 the previous year and are well practiced, including being able to sail a triangle course on West Mud. The objective of the course is to introduce sailors to youth racing at HISC.

Background and further information

Red Ribbon is a hugely successful part of the HISC Youth Pathway, with children sailing across the best tides of the early season in small groups under the instruction of selected qualified dinghy instructors and coaches.

All children involved gain confidence, form friendships and learn fundamental race skills that help them progress to the next stage of their sailing career. It is available for both Optimist and RS Tera sailors. Optimist sailors will need their own boat. RS Tera sailors are welcome to hire (as required and not included in the course price) direct with the sailing club.

Red Ribbon Regatta is a fantastic way to finish the training programme and hopefully leaves children confident to take part in future youth racing events.


Please read all the information before completing the application. It may save any disappointment if your child is not ready or too experienced for Red Ribbon Training 2024.

Prerequisites to apply for Optimist and RS Tera sailors.

If you are an Optimist sailor:
• Minimum age 9
• Completed RYA Stage 2 (or RYA Stage 3) on tidal waters and practiced these skills in 2023 and been out for a refresher sail a couple of times this year.

If you are an RS Tera sailor:
• Minimum age 9 or min height 1.3m
• Completed RYA Stage 2 (or RYA Stage 3) on tidal waters and practiced these skills in 2023 and been out for a refresher sail a couple of times this year.
• Guide – can sail in force 3 with full sail or with one reef.

Red Ribbon Training is not for your child if:
• They are a beginner or have only completed RYA Stage 1 and part of RYA Stage 2
• They have already started racing in the Regatta fleet and need a refresher. Please contact your class captain for information about similar alternative training options.
• They are looking to start race training or head quickly into the IOCA pathway. Red Ribbon is a precursor to this, giving children the opportunity to have their first go at racing by the end of the course.

Red Ribbon Training is for your child if:
• They would like to learn how to race a triangle course and windward leeward course
• They would like to learn how to start and finish a short race
• They can commit to fives dates which includes the Red Ribbon Regatta
• They would like to try racing in the Bronze fleet in Youth Race Week 2024

Red Ribbon Training dates 2024
• Saturday 27 April 2024
• Saturday 11 May 2024
• Saturday 25 May 2024
• Saturday 22 June 2024

Red Ribbon Regatta 2024
• Sunday 23 June 2024


As a guide we expect the cost for the four-day programme including the Red Ribbon Regatta to be approximately £200 (£40 per day). Costs will be finalised once numbers of participants and instructors are confirmed.

Important information to read:
• Training groups will be kept small, no more than 20 children (Optimist & RS Tera)
• It is not possible for participants to be refunded if they are unable to make one or more days.
• Red Ribbon Regatta is included in the price this year for our sailors to celebrate all they have learned on the training course.
• Red Ribbon Training sailors from 2023 are invited to take part in the Red Ribbon Regatta 2024 (with their own separate start) due to the cancellation of the event last year. Small entry fee applies.
• Parents participation is compulsory to support children’s confidence. Parents are required to help with launch and recovery of children, and there may be a need to assist the coaches afloat and on the beach.


Just to say this is NOT a DROP and Go, be prepared to learn as much as your child!

Signing up

To apply for a Red Ribbon place you must complete the booking form here:

Click here for the booking form.

The application form will be open until Sunday 25th February 2024.

Special note

Filling in the form does not guarantee a space on the course. We are limited to 20 sailors as this is the maximum resources available for safety and delivering a quality course. If your child is not successful in gaining a place on Red Ribbon, there will guidance on hand for other training courses.


Once your child has been confirmed a place, Melvyn will use the results of your information to organise the children into groups and understand how to help the children move forward with their sailing goals, depending on experience and boat type.


Once places are confirmed by the Red Ribbon admin team you will pay in full for all four days including the Regatta to secure a place. Information on how to pay will be shared once the places are confirmed.

Melvyn Cooper – Red Ribbon Training Co-ordinator
Rebecca Kent – Rear Commodore Youth