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HISC Membership Fees for 2018

Membership Fees if paid in January or by Direct Debt
Type of Membership Subscription
Family * £660 + entry fee
Adult Single (over 30)* £430 + entry fee
Adult Single (under 30)* £151
Family Senior (65 and over)* £331+ entry fee
Adult Senior (65 and over)* £215 + entry fee
Youth (age 12 to 17, parents not members) ** £140

Youth Winter Training 1 Oct to 31Mar (age 12 to 17. Includes one parent non-sailing)**

Temporary (available on a daily basis, for fees contact the Office) Contact HISC Office

* Includes children and grandchildren under 18 years of age.
* * Nomination of a full member willing to act in loco parentisis a condition of membership if age under 16.

Subscriptions are paid by monthly direct debit. Membership Application Form

Entrance Fees
The following entrance fees are payable on joining the Club - Subject to boat class.
Type of Membership Entrance Fee
Family £350.00
Adult Single (30 and over) £250.00
Adult Single (under 30) £0
Youth £0
Family Senior (65 and over) £350.00
Adult Senior (65 and over) £250.00
Please contact the HISC Office for further details of the Membership categories and Subscription Rates.