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RS200 at HISC

HISC is home to the largest fleet of RS200s on the globe and 2017 saw the club’s sailors perform exceptionally well within the class, both at home and at Open Regattas.

The RS200 is a modern two-handed dinghy, perfect for everyone from serious sailors to families. It offers just the right combination of easy handling, and exciting sailing that makes the boat suitable and enjoyable for sailors of any ability and age, including youth.

Whilst the class can offer some of the best competitive racing available, the club also offers more informal sailing opportunities such as sprint racing and Pennant racing, open to any member of the sailing club.

Of course not everyone is able to attend every weekend so the programme of normal Saturday and Sunday club racing is complemented with monthly additions of sprint racing or Pennant racing.

Results for these weekends are recorded separately and attract their own prizes. Sprint racing has proved to be particularly popular within the RS200 class at HISC and is usually very well attended.

If you’re new to the class at HISC please get in touch with the class captain Cam Stewart regarding training and fixtures. You can also register your interest as helm or crew whatever your experience, we’d love you to join our fleet.

Contact: Cameron Stewart - [email protected]