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RYA Powerboat Level 2


2023 Prices
Member: £210 
Non-Member: £310


No experience required.

As an introduction to powerboating this course gives you all the skills and knowledge to keep you safe whilst driving and manoeuvring a powerboat.

Further dates are available on request; please call the office for information.


Embark on an exhilarating journey of nautical mastery with our Powerboat Level 2 qualification at Hayling Island Sailing Club. Designed for both seasoned water enthusiasts and eager beginners, this comprehensive course equips you with the skills and confidence to command a powerboat with finesse and precision.

Over the course of this immersive program, participants will delve into the intricacies of powerboat handling, safety protocols, and navigational techniques. Whether you're aiming to take your first steps into the maritime realm or seeking to refine your existing knowledge, our skilled instructors are dedicated to providing personalized guidance and fostering a dynamic learning environment.

The Powerboat Level 2 qualification is a two-day experience that blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical training. Our curriculum covers a spectrum of vital topics, including:

  1. Boat familiarization: Gain an in-depth understanding of powerboat components, controls, and systems, ensuring you're well-versed in every aspect of vessel operation.

  2. Manoeuvring techniques: Develop the art of precise boat handling through drills such as berthing, docking, and reversing. Learn to navigate confined spaces and challenging conditions with finesse and accuracy.

  3. Safety protocols: Discover essential safety measures, emergency procedures, and best practices to ensure the well-being of yourself, your crew, and other water users. Acquire the skills to handle unexpected situations with composure and efficiency.

  4. Navigation and charts: Master the art of chart reading, buoy identification, and basic navigation. Learn how to plan routes, interpret navigational aids, and make informed decisions on the water.

  5. Communication skills: Hone your ability to effectively communicate with crew members, harbourmasters, and other boaters, fostering a culture of clear and concise interactions on the water.

As a testament to our commitment to fostering a vibrant maritime community, we offer exclusive pricing options for participants. Sailing club members can seize this opportunity at a cost of £210, while non-members can join in at a rate of £310. 

Upon successful completion of the Powerboat Level 2 qualification, participants will emerge as competent and confident powerboat operators, ready to embrace the open water with skill and assurance. Whether you're seeking to explore new horizons or enhance your existing boating capabilities, this qualification stands as a testament to your dedication to maritime excellence.

Enroll today and set sail on a voyage of empowerment and discovery with [Sailing Club Name]'s Powerboat Level 2 qualification. The tides of adventure await – secure your spot now and unleash your maritime potential.