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Club Race Results

Club Results including the various regular weekend series and evening races, youth racing, the Pennant Series and other special club races.


  • Wed Evening Early - Fast Handicap
  • Wed Evening Early - Medium Handicap
  • Wed Evening Early - Slow Handicap
  • Wed Evening Late - Fast Handicap
  • Wed Evening Late - Medium Handicap
  • Wed Evening Late - Slow Handicap
  • Sundowner EarlySeries - RS Elite
  • Sundowner Early Series - Cruiser
  • Sundowner Late Series - RS Elite
  • Sundowner Late Series - Cruiser


  • Youth Spring Energiser Series RS Tera
  • Youth Spring Energiser Series RS Tera Pro
  • Youth Spring Energiser Series RS Feva
  • Youth Spring Energiser Series Optimist
  • Youth Spring Energiser Series Topper